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Book Name Change Ad In Times of India Newspaper at discounted rates 2024

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Times of India Name Change Ad Tariff

Edition 5 Line Rate
Mumbai 1075
Delhi 1700
Bangalore 1300
Kolkata 1750
Ahmadabad 500
Chandigarh 40
Chennai 600
Pune 420
Goa -
Patna / Bihar 550
Hyderabad -
Jaipur -
Kanpur -
Lucknow -
Mangalore 65
Mysore 65
Nagpur 130
Hubli 65
Jharkhand 150
Cochin 100
Bhuvneshwar -

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Name Change Advertisement in The Times of India Newspaper

Change Your Name, Spread the Word: Publish Your Notice in The Times of India

The Times of India, one of India's most trusted and read publications, gives you the ideal platform for announcing the name changes to an enormous and varied public.

Why Choose Times of India for Your Name Change Advertisement?

  • Extensive Reach: With millions of readers across the nation, the Times of India ensures that your name change announcement reaches a broad and diverse audience. Whether you're changing your name for personal, professional, or legal reasons, the Times of India helps you communicate it effectively.
  • Credibility and Trust: Known for its journalistic integrity and trustworthiness, the Times of India is a reputable platform that people turn to for reliable information. Your name change ad gains credibility when published in this esteemed newspaper.
  • Varied Advertisement Options: Times of India offers a range of advertisement formats to suit your needs and budget. Whether you prefer a classified text ad or a display ad with graphics, you have the flexibility to choose the style that best represents your announcement.
  • Regional and National Coverage: The Times of India provides both regional and national editions, allowing you to tailor your announcement to a specific audience or broadcast it to the entire country. This flexibility ensures that your name change is communicated exactly as you intend.

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Name change ad sample in newspaper

Name change ad sample in newspaper mumbai

Some FAQ

Documents Required for Name Change in India

Eligibility Criteria For Name Change In Maharashtra -

  • You should be a citizen of India.
  • You should have valid government ID proof.
  • You should have a valid reason to change your name.
  • If you are a minor, the parents must visit the government office with the child to go through the name change Procedure in India
Acceptable documents as proof dgps Maharashtra gov in

There are some necessary documents that you should have if you are applying for a name change in Maharashtra. Here is the complete list of all the documents that you require:

  • Address Proof (Electricity bill, Water bill, Rent agreement)
  • A passport-size photo
  • The new name you want
  • Birth certificate (In case of a minor)
  • Marriage certificate (If any)
  • Divorce papers (If any)
  • The hard copy of the Publication of the newspaper
  • Digital CD
  • Deed for Government employees
  • Name Change Form duly filled A hard copy.
  • Affidavits which is duly notarized (Hard copy)
Rate of Advertisement For Name Change In Newspaper

The Cost depends on city you select for publishing your ad. For example if you select Mumbai your ad will publish in Active Times, Mumbai Lakshadeep and Free Press Journal Newspaper.

Your Ad will be publish in two newspaper Active times and Mumbai Lakshdweep.

Rates of Change of name advertisement in newspaper start from 175/- Rs. The advertisement cost depends on city and newspaper you select to publish your change of name ad. Newspaper cost is different as per publication. For example, if you select Mumbai Active Times, Mumbai Lakshadeep and Free Press Journal, Navshakti cost will be 450/-. Just give us call for further details 9326098181.

The rate of a name change ad in a newspaper can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the ad, the type of newspaper, and its circulation. On average, a name change ad in a local newspaper can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand rupees. We also offer discounts for bulk ads or for repeat customers.

Format of Name Change Advertisement In Newspaper

I, XYZ Husen Meena Tower, Mumbai have changed my name to XYZ Abdul forever.

Haseena R/o Nagar, Kurla 600013 have changed my name to HaseenaBano forever as per affidavit dated 10.1.20

I, Deepak Goyal S/o Badlapur,Mumbai have changed my name to Anoop Kumar Goyal for all future purposes vide affidavit No. ------ dated 00/00/0000

Format of Name Change Advertisement In Newspaper

After making an Affidavit you need to publish an advertisement in local and national newspapers. One English newspaper and one any regional language you can select. For example you are in Mumbai then you can select Active Times andMumbai Lakshadeep, or Free Press Journal and Navshakti Newspaper.

Just fill the form on our website and attached document as require , after payment done your ad will be published on selected date in selected newspaper.

For any assistance Give Call 9326098181 Our executive will help you through Name Change Process.

  • Market leader with 52.2% market share and 68.8 lakh readership.
  • Continued growth with an additional 32,000 readers in Q4 of 2019.
  • The Times of India is the highest read English daily newspaper in India according to the IRS.
  • The Times of India, Economic Times, Navbharat Times, Mirror, Vijay Karnataka, EiSamay, Nav Gujarat Samay, and Sandhya Times are just a few of the many brands in this portfolio.
  • Strong market position and commitment to quality journalism.

Just give us call for further details 9326098181.

3 steps process for Change of Name Gazette

1 ) Affidavit Submission –: Requirement of an affidavit

2 ) Ad Publication – Publication of an advertisement in the newspaper

3 ) Gazette Notification - Notification in Indian Gazette about Name Change

When requesting a change of name in a gazette, a marriage certificate is typically needed as evidence of the marriage. To demonstrate that the name change is legitimate and accepted by law, official marriage papers must be provided because the gazette is both a public magazine and a legal document.

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